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Years of study have shown that the best way to learn is through hands-on education. This gives you the highest level of retention and better understanding. That’s why all of my boating instruction lessons are hands-on.

  1. Every boating instruction lesson is on your boat. Yes, your boat. I travel to your vessel and personalize each instruction to fit your needs.
  2. I teach every boating instruction lesson personally, so you get the highest quality every time.
  3. I take your safety seriously. Pacific Powerboating is fully certified in CPR and First Aid.
  4. Every boating instruction lesson is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you discover that my boating instructions haven’t improved your boating techniques by the end of the instruction period, I will charge you absolutely “0” for the lesson.

Please take a look around the website and see if my boating instruction are right for you.

Captain Kevo